Committees 2015



Scientific Programme Committee

Programme Chairs
- Fernando Bação (Chair)
- Maribel Yasmina Santos (Co-Chair)
- Marco Painho (Co-Chair)

Scientific Programme Committee

- Adriano Moreira, Portugal
- Alexander Zipf, Germany
- Ana Paula Afonso, Portugal
- Anders Friis-Christensen, Denmark
- Anne Ruas, France
- Armanda Rodrigues, Portugal
- Bashkim Idrizi, Rep. Macedonia
- Beniamino Murgante, Italy
- Bin Jiang, Sweden
- Bisheng Yang, China
- Bruno Martins, Portugal
- Carlos Granell, Spain
- Christoph Schlieder, Germany
- Christophe Claramunt, France
- Cidália Fonte, Portugal
- Claus Rinner, Canada
- Cristina Costa, Portugal
- Danny Vandenbroucke, Belgium
- Derek Karssenberg, Netherlands
- Didier Josselin, France
- Dimitris Kotzinos, France
- F. Javier Zarazaga-Soria, Spain
- Femke Reitsma, New Zealand
- Fernando Bacao, Portugal
- Filipe Meneses, Portugal
- Francesco Pantisano, Italy
- Francis Harvey, United States
- Francisco J Lopez-Pellicer, Spain
- Frank Ostermann, Netherlands
- Fred Toppen, Netherlands
- Gerard Heuvelink, Netherlands
- Gilberto Camara, Brazil
- Hartwig Hochmair, United States
- Henning Sten Hansen Hansen, Denmark
- Isabel Cruz, United States
- Itzhak Benenson, Israel
- Jagannath Aryal, Australia
- Javier Nogueras-Iso, Spain
- Jerome Gensel, France
- Joaquín Huerta, Spain
- Joep Crompvoets, Belgium
- Jorge Rocha, Portugal
- João Moura Pires, Portugal
- Jos van Orshoven, Belgium
- Karen Kemp, United States
- Lars Bernard, Germany
- Lars Harrie, Sweden
- Lars Kulik, Australia
- Lluis Vicens, Spain
- Luis M. Vilches-Blázquez, Spain
- Maguelonne Teisseire, France
- Marco Painho, Portugal
- Maribel Yasmina Santos, Portugal
- Marinos Kavouras, Greece
- Martin Raubal, Switzerland
- Max Craglia, Italy
- Michael Gould, Spain
- Michela Bertolotto, Ireland
- Mike Jackson, United Kingdom
- Mike Worboys, United States
- Monica Wachowicz, Canada
- Monika Sester, Germany
- Nicholas Chrisman, Canada
- Nico Van de Weghe, Belgium
- Oscar Corcho, Spain
- Patrick Laube, Switzerland
- Pedro Muro Medrano, Spain
- Pedro Cabral, Portugal
- Pete Atkinson, United Kingdom
- Peter Mooney, Ireland
- Poulicos Prastacos, Greece
- Ralf Bill, Germany
- Robert Laurini, France
- Robert Weibel, Switzerland
- Roberto Henriques, Portugal
- Ross Purves, Switzerland
- Serena Coetzee, South Africa
- Stephan Winter, Australia
- Stephen Hirtle, United States
- Sven Casteleyn, Spain
- Sven Schade, Denmark
- Takeshi Shirabe, Sweden
- Tapani Sarjakoski, Finland
- Thomas Blaschke, Austria
- Thomas Brinkhoff, Germany
- Tiina Sarjakoski, Finland
- Tomi Kauppinen, Finland
- Toshihiro Osaragi, Japan
- Victor Lobo, Portugal
- Volker Paelke, Spain
- Werner Kuhn, United States
- Wolfgang Reinhardt, Germany

Local Organizing Committee

Roberto Henriques (Chair)
Adriano Moreira
Jorge Gustavo Rocha
Filipe Meneses
João Moura Pires
Armanda Rodrigues

Local Organizing Committee contact: roberto AT isegi DOT unl DOT pt

For any further information or enquiries, please contact us.

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