Proceedings 2013

The 16th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science

Geographic Information Science at the Heart of Europe

Editors: Danny Vandenbroucke, Bénédicte Bucher, Joep Crompvoets

ISBN: 978-3-319-00615-4

This page contains the short papers and poster abstracts of the AGILE 2013 conference in Leuven, Belgium. All submissions were peer-reviewed.

The short papers and the poster abstracts are listed separately. The short papers are located according to the AGILE 2013 conference sessions.

The copyright of the full papers is owned by Springer-Verlag, thus the full papers cannot be found here. They are published in the Springer book Geographic Information Science at the Heart of Europe, ISBN: 978-3-319-00615-4, which is part of the Springer series Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography.

Poster Abstracts

Advancing in Spatial Object Recognition: GEOBIA approach
Jagannath Aryal

Sensor network data analysis at different levels of granularity
Susanne Bleisch and Matt Duckham

Live & Web-based Parcel Monitoring with Low-cost Sensors
Arne Bröring, Ioannis Delikostidis, Kevin Fries, Sven Heitmann, Sascha Koalick, Thomas Krüger, Jakob Möllers, Andreas Ohrem, Morin Ostkamp, Gerald Pape, Maurin Radtke, Albert Remke, Fabian Röhr, Lukas Ruch, Anja Schlaphorst, Daniel Schumacher, Dennis Wilhelm, Niels Winkler, Jan Wirwahn and Julius Wittkopp

Utilizing open-source programming languages to statistically and spatially analyze regional-scale geoenvironmental datasets
Shane Carey, Ray Scanlon, Mairead Glennon and Kate Knights

Exploiting Spatial Vagueness in Spatial OLAP: Towards a New Hybrid Risk-Aware Design Approach
Elodie Edoh-Alove, Sandro Bimonte, François Pinet and Yvan Bédard

Semantic metadata for spatial planning documents
Iwona Kaczmarek, Jaromar Lukowicz, Marek Strzelecki and Adam Iwaniak

Using the D3 library for web-mapping in an SDI environment
Barend Köbben

Optimizing the Unit of Analysis of Environmental Criminology Studies through Spatial Cluster Detection in Survey Data
Christian Kreis

The Renewed Implementation of the EuroGeoNames Central Service
Pekka Latvala, Lassi Lehto and Jaakko Kähkönen

Semantic Integration of Authoritative and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) using Ontologies
Jimena Martinez Ramos, Arnaud Vandecasteele and Rodolphe Devillers

Multi-resolution analysis as a tool for integrating wind and vegetation modeling over complex terrains
François Golay, Fernando Porté-Agel, Alexandre Buttler, Mihai-Sorin Stupariu, Magdalena Naparus, Ileana Patru-Stupariu and Alexander Peringer

Spatial modeling of heat stress risk in Berlin
Andrea Philips, Christian Schuster and Tobia Lakes

IM-Tree. Towards an information model for an integrated tree register
Frans I Rip and Jandirk Bulens

Assessing the Credibility of VGI Contributors Based on Metadata and Reverse Viewshed Analysis - An Experiment with Geotagged Flickr Images
Hansi Senaratne, Arne Bröring and Tobias Schreck

Web Mapping and Geospatial Web: An Introductory Course for Geographers and Geoscientists
Emmanuel Stefanakis

Place and Personality
Vlad Tanasescu, Christopher B. Jones, Gualtiero Colombo, Martin J. Chorley, Stuart M. Allen and Roger M. Whitaker

Selection of a spatial hypothesis in geographic profiling using graph theory
Marie Trotta

Paper Sessions

Evaluation and Visualization of Hydrological Sensor Network: an Integrated Approach Using MODIS Images
Jagannath Aryal, Ritaban Dutta and Ahsan Morshed

Intelligent Environmental Knowledge System for Sustainable Water Resource Management Solution
Ritaban Dutta, Jagannath Aryal and Ahsan Morshed

Using Artificial Neural Networks for Digital Soil Mapping – a comparison of MLP and SOM approaches
Sergio Freire, Ines Fonseca, Ricardo Brasil, Jorge Rocha and José Tenedório

ASET: An Intuitive Data Acquisition-Sketching Tool for Disaster Management Systems
Rami Al-Salman, Mohammad Fraiwan, Malumbo Chipofya, Frank Dylla and Falko Schmid

ArdSense: extending mobile phone sensing capabilities using open source hardware for new Citizens as Sensors based applications
Nikola Davidovic, Dejan Rancic and Leonid Stoimenov

ArdSense: extending mobile phone sensing capabilities using open source hardware for new Citizens as Sensors based applications
Nikola Davidovic, Dejan Rancic and Leonid Stoimenov

Noise Battle: A Gamified application for Environmental Noise Monitoring in Urban Areas
Irene Garcia-Martí, Luis E. Rodriguez-Pupo, Laura Díaz and Joaquin Huerta

Ontology based interpretation of Very High resolution imageries - grounding ontologies on visual interpretation keys
Mariana Belgiu and Thomas J. Lampoltshammer

Ori-Gami – An App fostering spatial competency development and spatial learning of children
Thomas Bartoschek, Angela Schwering, Rui Li and Stefan Münzer

Usability Engineering for Educational Web GIS
Martin Düren and Thomas Bartoschek

Usability of Discovery Portals
Jandirk Bulens, Wies Vullings, Joske Houtkamp and Bas Vanmeulebrouk

Towns Conquer: A Gamified application to collect geographical names (vernacular names/toponyms)
Javier Pescador, Jesús Castellote, Joaquín Huerta and Michael Brown

Topographic Subtyping of Place Named Entities: a linguistic approach
Van Tien Nguyen, Mauro Gaio and Ludovic Moncla

Georeferencing images using tags: application with Flickr
Thomas Wider, Damien Palacio and Ross Purves

SDI components for ad-hoc analysis of climatological time-series data
Mario Härtwig and Matthias Müller

Spatial Statistics on the Geospatial Web
Matthias Hinz, Daniel Nüst, Benjamin Proß and Edzer Pebesma

Lessons learned on composing OGC services in spatio-temporal GIS applications
Michael Mock, Rajat Arora, Bishal Pantha and Hans Voss

Hierarchical process profiles for interoperable geoprocessing functions
Matthias Müller

Analysis of Twitter Usage in London, Paris, and New York City
Muhammed Adnan and Paul Longley

Extracting Personal Behavioral Patterns from Geo-Referenced Tweets
Georg Fuchs, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko and Piotr Jankowski

A Bridge ontology Approach for Locating Changed Objects in Data Update Applications
Chiao-Ling Kuo and Jung-Hong Hong

Manipulating higher dimensional spatial information
Ken Arroyo Ohori, Filip Biljecki, Jantien Stoter and Hugo Ledoux

Exploring Spatial Patterns of Uranium Distribution in Ukraine
Michael Govorov, Viktor Putrenko and Gennady Gienko

Geovisual analytics framework integrated with storytelling applied to HTML5
Quan Ho, Patrik Lundblad and Mikael Jern

User Study Analysis of a Geovisualization Decision Support Environment for Critical Infrastructure Recovery
Okan Pala and David Wilson

Assessing the Quality of OpenStreetMap Contributors together with their Contributions
Jamal Jokar Arsanjani, Christopher Barron, Mohammed Bakillah and Marco Helbich

Rating content reliability in Interactive Tours System based on existing VGI data sources
Bogdanovic-Dinic, Nikola Davidovic, Aleksandar Stanimirovic and Leonid Stoimenov

Studying the Dynamic Patterns of OpenStreetMap Bugs in Great Britain
Amir Pourabdollah, Jeremy Morley, Steven Feldman and Mike Jackson

QHTI: An Approach for Answering Qualitative Spatial Queries in Large Databases Using a Hash Table Data Structure
Rami AlSalman and Frank Dylla

A Citizen Science Sensor Platform as a Live Link from GIS to the Internet of Things
Dustin Demuth, Arne Bröring, Albert Remke

SDI development to lower the impedance of the data exchange network
Glenn Vancauwenberghe

Financial assistance in areas with low access to primary health care: a review of policy methods in Belgium
Bart Dewulf, Tijs Neutens, Yves De Weerdt and Nico Van de Weghe

Developing A Spatio-Temporal Ambient Population Estimation Model using Epidemics-based Geosimulation
Mehdi Khakpour and Jan Ketil Rød

Assessing the spatial variability of classification accuracy using uncertainty information
Cidália Fonte, João Apolinário and Luísa Gonçalves

A Comparison of Maps Application Programming Interfaces
Ana Isabel Fernandes, Miguel Goulão, Armanda Rodrigues

Publishing OGC resources discovered on the mainstream web in an SDI catalogue
Tomas Kliment, Carlos Granell, Vlado Cetl and Marcel Kliment

Copula metadata est
Didier G. Leibovici and Mike J. Jackson

Writing Access Policies to Protect Web Services of a Spatial Data Infrastructure Using GeoXACML
Emerson M. A. Xavier and Wladimir S. Meyer

Orientation Information in different Forms of Route Instructions
Angela Schwering, Rui Li and Vanessa Joy A. Anacta

A Geowiki for Participatory Mobility
Klaus Stein and Christoph Schlieder

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