Accepted papers and posters 2020

Toshihiro Osaragi Selection of Stopover Stations by Homeward-bound Railway Users
Konstadinos Goulias, Elizabeth McBride, Rongxiang Su and Jingyi Xiao Discovering the correlations between spatiotemporal daily activity-travel patterns and stated interest and perception of risk with self-driving cars
Michel Krämer, Ralf Gutbell, Hendrik M. Würz and Jannis Weil Scalable processing of massive geodata in the cloud: generating a level-of-detail structure optimized for web visualization
Hiroyuki Kaneko and Toshihiro Osaragi Extraction of The Spatio-temporal Activity Patterns Using Laser-scanner Trajectory Data
Majid Hojati and Colin Robertson Integrating cellular automata and discrete global grid systems: a case study into wildfire modelling
Steffen Illium, Philipp Friese, Robert Müller and Sebastian Feld What to do in the meantime: An Service Coverage Analysis for Parked Autonomous Vehicles
Tobias Werner and Thomas Brinkhoff Window Operators for Processing Spatio-Temporal Data Streams on Unmanned Vehicles
Amine Medad, Mauro Gaio, Ludovic Moncla, Sébastien Mustière and Yannick Le Nir Comparing supervised learning algorithms for Spatial Nominal Entity recognition
José Duarte, Paulo Dias and José Moreira On the Evaluation and Comparison of Region Interpolation Methods
Yoshiki Ogawa, Taisei Sato and Yoshihide Sekimoto Creation of a Model for Estimating the Home-return Rate of Evacuees Using Mobile Phone Movement Histories and Its Application to the Nankai Trough Earthquake
Aoyong Li and Axhausen Kay Short-term Traffic Demand prediction using Graph Convolutional Neural Networks
Haiqi Xu, Ehsan Hamzei, Enkhbold Nyamsuren, Han Kruiger, Stephan Winter, Martin Tomko and Simon Scheider Extracting interrogative intents and concepts from geo-analytic questions
Eleni Gkadolou, Poulicos Prastacos and Athanasios Loupas Documentation of cultural heritage monuments in the framework of CityGML: the case of ancient theatres
Dominik Bucher, Henry Martin, Jannik Hamper, Atefeh Jaleh, Henrik Becker, Pengxiang Zhao and Martin Raubal Exploring Factors that Influence Individuals' Choice Between Internal Combustion Engine Cars and Electric Vehicles
Matan Mor, Johannes Oehrlein, Jan-Henrik Haunert and Sagi Dalyot Whom to Follow? A Comparison of Walking Routes Computed Based on Social Media Photos from Different Types of Contributors
Pauline Krieger, Markus Kattenbeck, Bernd Ludwig, Johannes Helmbrecht and Ioannis Giannopoulos Hey You! Let's Talk. Dialogue-initiatives revisited for wayfinding instructions
Rodrique Kafando, Rémy Decoupes, Lucile Sautot and Maguelonne Teisseire Spatial Data Lake for Smart Cities: From Design to Implementation
Grant McKenzie, Krzysztof Janowicz and Carsten Keßler Uncovering spatiotemporal biases in place-based social sensing
Thomas Gründemann and Dirk Burghardt A taxonomy for classifying user groups in location-based social media
Yannis Paraskevopoulos and Yorgos Photis Ιdentifying activity and human-oriented centres in a GIS environment. A semi-automated multicriteria methodological approach
Gengchen Mai, Krzysztof Janowicz, Sathya Prasad, Meilin Shi, Ling Cai, Rui Zhu, Blake Regalia and Ni Lao Semantically-Enriched Search Engine for Geoportals: A Case Study with ArcGIS Online
Innocensia Owuor, Hartwig Hochmair and Sreten Cvetojevic Tracking Hurricane Dorian in GDELT and Twitter
Mariana Vallejo Velazquez, Ourania Kounadi and Andrea Podor Analysis and mapping of crime perception: A quantitative approach of sketch maps
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