Proceedings 2006

The 9th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science

“Shaping the Future of Geographic Information Science in Europe”


This page contains the short papers and poster abstracts of the AGILE 2006 conference in Visegrád, Hungary. All submissions were peer-reviewed. The short papers and the poster abstracts are listed separately. The short papers are located according to the AGILE 2006 conference sessions.


Poster Abstracts

Design and implementation of ocean dynamic environmental data integrating and information sharing system in Fujian Province
M. Fan, C. Chen, T. Chi, J. Lin

Searching for e-learning curricula in geographical information systems and science
M. Painho, I. Jovani, P. Curvelo

GISAS – geographical information systems applications for schools
T. Johansson, P. Pellikka

Geostatistical approach for controlling bus movements in Greater Lisbon using GPS
M. Painho, T. Bartoschek, R. Henriques

SIGFRUT: A WEBGIS application for designing agricultural plantations and installations
I. Compte, A. Hernández , F. Marucci, F. Orduña

Political and social statistics geodatabase
J. Mészáros, I. Szakadát, F. Speiser, N. Solymosi

Multifractal properties and connectivity of fracture network in the middle atlas liasic aquifer (Morocco)
M. Rouai

Hydrodynamic and water quality model using GIS techniques
T. Bíró, J. Tamás

Analysis of urbanization change according to NEHRP soil classification map
U. Avdan, M. Tün, E. Pekkan, M. Altan

Similarities and differences between Serbian and Dutch spatial planning systems (SPSs): Obstacles and advantages for GIS support
L. Živkoviæ

Energy demand – a GIS analysis with airborne remote sensing data
C. Kühnle, D. Lemp, L. Paredes

On HLA-based forest fire fighting simulation system
L. Tang, C. Chen, H. Huang, K. Lin

Parameters of interpolation methods of creation of digital model of landscape
R. Fencík, M. Vajsáblová

Serving cartography raster data in the Internet, a performance study
E. Coll, J.-C. Martínez, J. G. Sanz

Estimation of stand attributes in Cryptomeria japonica and Chamaecyparis obtusa stands using QuickBird panchromatic data
Y. Hirata

Analysis of traffic accessibility of employers
M. Sedenkova, J. Horak, L. Jurikovska

Interchange of spatial data - inhibiting factors
R. J. Thompson, P. van Oosterom

SDI Terms-of-Use IPR Management: GDI NRW Modeling Approach
R. M. Wagner

Technology of suitability maps designing for land use and land cover change modelling
A. Zamyatin, P. Mikhaylov

The investigation of regional variations in biomass production for the area of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve using satellite image analysis
F. Kovács

Interchange of Spatial Data – Inhibiting Factors
R. J. Thompson, P. van Oosterom

Are Geospatial Catalogues Reaching their Goals?
J. Larson, M. Siliceo, M. Silva, E. Klien, S. Schade

Adaptive streaming of 3D-GIS geometries and textures for interactive visualisation of 3D city models
J. Haist, P. Korte

A method for detecting space cluster using geographic raster data
T. Osaragi

An improved algorithm for segregating large geospatial data
K. E. Scott, T. J. Oyana

Formalizing specifications for geographic information
J. V. Christensen

Paper Sessions

Comparing rainfall estimates derived from rain gages and satellite images at the eastern Mediterranean region
Y. Kamarianakis, N. Chrysoulakis, H. Feidas, G. Kokolatos

Validation of MODIS snowcover products in Romania. Methodology and conclusions
C. Flueraru, G. Stancalie, E. Savin, V. Craciunescu

Assessment of the special soil degradation (bench erosion) with GIS methods from the Great Hungarian Plain
F. Kovács, J. Szatmári, J. Rakonczai

A practical example of semantic interoperability of large-scale topographic databases using semantic web technologies
K. Aerts, K. Maesen, A. van Rompaey

Usage of persistence framework technologies for 3D geodata servers
J. Haist, R. Schnuck, T. Reitz

Semantic and syntactic service descriptions at work in geo-service chaining
R. Lemmens, C. Granell , A. Wytzisk, R. de By, M. Gould , P. van Oosterom

A test bench for evaluating spatial indexation methods for connecting points to large networks
A. Dahlgren, L. Harrie

Special interest SDIs to support business processes
E. Nash, M. Kofahl

Automating the thematic characterization of geographic resources collections by means of topic maps
J. Lacasta, J. Nogueras-Iso, R. Tolosana, F. J. Lopez, F. J. Zarazaga-Soria

Developing context aware support in mobile GIS framework
B. Predic, D. Stojanovic, S. Djordjevic-Kajan

Utilization of geographic information systems in education reform in Japan
M. Yuda, S. Itoh

Residential distribution in the city – re-examined
I. Benenson, E. Or, E. Hatna, I. Omer

Increasing accuracy of a spatio-temporal soil information system by digital soil mapping and field GIS
L. Pásztor, J. Szabó

Exploring GeoMarkup on the Semantic Web
F. Reitsma, K. Hiramatsu

Building service oriented applications on top of a spatial data infrastructure – a forest fire assessment example
A. Friis-Christensen, L. Bernard, I. Kanellopoulos, J. Nogueras-Iso, S. Peedell, S. Schade, C. Thorne

Why and how to define transformations of conceptual models?
H. R. Gnägi, A. Morf, P. Staub

Spatial stochastic modelling of inland inundation hazard
L. Pásztor, I. Pálfai, Cs. Bozán, J. Kõrösparti, J. Szabó, Zs. Bakacsi, L. Kuti

Water quality monitoring based on sediment distribution using satellite imagery
A. Álvarez-Robles, F.J. Zarazaga-Soria, M. Á. Latre, R. Béjar, P. R. Muro-Medrano

Field size precision water management based on time series analysis of satellite images
I. Nagy, P. Burai, P. Takács, J. Tamás

Encoding semantics in the DNF
A. Greenhalgh, P. James, D. Fairbairn

Spatial topology and its structural analysis based on the concept of simplicial complex
B. Jiang, I. Omer

Discovering mappings between ontologies in semantic integration process
L. Stoimenov, S. Djordjevic-Kajan

A framework for intensional and extensional integration of geographic ontologies
E. Tomai, P. Prastacos

Cataloguing GI functions and software resources within IGN
Y. Abd El Kader, B. Bucher

Formalism for representing data quality in non redundant spatial information
T. T. Pham, V. P. Luong, R. Jeansoulin

'London Calling' - A spatial decision support system for inward investors
P. Weber, D. Chapman, M. Hardwick

Optimizing dynamic network configurations
M. Olofsson, A. Östman

Benefits and limits of GIS for managing heterogeneous environmental data in sustainable urban design: example of the ADEQUA project
N. Molines, D. Siret, M. Musy, D. Groleau

The MapTable, an interactive instrument for spatial planning design processes
J. Bulens, A. Ligtenberg

Standardized geoprocessing - taking spatial data infrastructures one step further
C. Kiehle, K. Greve, C. Heier

A pattern-based approach to support automatic homogeneous map labeling with texts, charts and other elements in a WMS
E. Andreu, R. Béjar, M. Á. Latre, S. Martínez, P. R. Muro-Medrano

Intelligent visualisation and information presentation for civil crisis management
N. Andrienko, G. Andrienko

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