The proceedings, that means the short papers and poster abstracts of the AGILE conferences, are ordered by year and can be found on the following pages.

The full papers are available as Springer books. A summary of all AGILE Springer books is available here.

The workshops are listed separately. A summary of workshop descriptions, slides and futher detailed programm information is available here.

Authors have permission to deposit AGILE short papers, published in the proceedings below and available as PDFs on the server, in a public repository, such as a preprint server or institutional repositories. Authors may only use repositories that provide a DOI for the published record.

Authors are strongly encouraged, and may be required by repositories e.g. EarthArXiv (, to add a cover page to the uploaded PDF. The cover page should include name, time and place of the conference, the URL to the conference website, and a statement that the short paper is peer reviewed. If possible, authors should add the tags or keywords 'AGILE short paper' and 'AGILEGIS' and configure the recommended citation to include year and name of the conference.

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