Proceedings 2005

The 8th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science

This page contains the short papers and poster abstracts of the AGILE 2006 conference in Visegrád, Hungary. All submissions were peer-reviewed. The short papers and the poster abstracts are listed separately. The short papers are located according to the AGILE 2006 conference sessions.


Poster Abstracts

Spatial data leading facility – test service for comparison of GI data sets
Tuuli Toivonen

Worldwide impact assessment of geoportals
Joep Cromvoets & John Stuiver

Cultural heritage and web-mapping
Nicola Maiellaro & Antonella Lerario

Serving global datasets over the Internet: the ICEDS project
Cristiano Giovando & Nuno Gil & Jeremy Morley & Jan Peter Muller

Visual representations, usability and urban planning in real-time 3D geovisualization
Anette Nielsen

Approach to land cover change modelling using cellular automata
Alezander Zamyatin & Nikolay Markov

Price surfaces: visualization of dwelling market variations in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland
Minna Halonen & Pekka Lahti

Mobile viewers based on SVG±geo and XFormsGI
Thomas Brinkhoff & Jürgen Weitkämper

Elaboration, verification, upgrading and refinement of a large-scale, national, spatial soil information system
László Pásztor & József Szabó

Model of forests spatial distribution in the western part of the Karpaty Mts.
Katarzyna Ostapowicz

The update of middle scale topographic maps using high-resolution satellite images: a semi automatic method proposal. Results, critics, conclusions and perspectives from a bilateral research project
Dimos Pantazis & Haralambos Karathanassis & Li Yingcheng &  Guo Tongying &  Kostas Santimpantakis

GIS for epidemiological studies
Sara Maio & Daniela Nuvolone & Roberto della Maggiore & Roberto Fresc o & Sandra Baldacci & Franca Martini & Marco Borbotti & Anna Angino & Giovanno Viegi

An architecture for open and scalable webgis
Aleksandar Milosavljević & Leonid Stoimenov & Slobodanka Djordjević-Kajan

GIS interoperability platform for emergency management in local community environment
Leonid Stoimenov & Bratislav Predić & Vladan Mihajlović & Miomir Stanković

Visualising collective spatial knowledge in GIS
Marco Salatino & Massimo Zupi

An analysis of AGILE conferences' papers: a snapshot of the GI&GIS research in Europe
Pasquale Di Donato & Mauro Salvemini

Grouping moving people in order to provide an efficiency and thrifty public transportation supply
Cyrille Genre-Grandpierre & Didier Josselin

Geographic Information Science for geo-knowledge-based governance
Emanuela Caiaffa


Paper Sessions

From macrogeography to microgeography and back: Emerging issues for geographical information handling across scales. 
Greg Elmes

Concepts for quality assurance during mobile online data acquisition
Stephän Mas & Wolfgang Reinhardt & Admire Kandawasvika & Fei Wang

Shareable descriptions of data production processes
Bénédicte Bucher & Sandrine Balley & Didier Richard & Gilles Cébelieu & Jean-François Hangouët

Automated linear geometric conflation for spatial data warehouse integration process
Lionel Savary & Karine Zeitouni

Involving LBS users in data acquisition and update
Florian Sayda

RADERSAT SAR data for landuse/land-cover classification in the rural-urban fringe of the greater Toronto area
Yifang Ban & Qiaojun Wu

Analysis and modelling of land-use and land-cover change in Sintra-Cascais area
Pedro Cabral & Hélène Gereyannis & Jean-Paul Gilg & Marco Painho

A strategy for observing soil moisture by remote sensing in the Murray-Darling basin
Urška Demšar

Remote sensing and GIS for mapping and management of invasive shrub Chromolaena odorata in Nepal
Chudamani Joshi & Jan de Leeuw & Andrew K. Skidmore & Jelte van Andel & Hari Datta Lekhak & Iris C. van Duren

Harmonisation of distributed geographic datasets - a model driven approach for geotechnical & footprint data
Bart van den Berg & Bart Hulshof & Theo Tijssen & Peter van Oosterom

GML2GML: generic and interoperable round-trip geodata editing - concepts and example
Matthias Merdes & Jochen Häußler & Alexander Zipf

Concept for interoperable usage of multi-sensors within a landslide monitoring application scenario
Admire Kandawasvika & Wolfgang Reinhardt

Marketing in GI Education
Christoph Brox

The ECDL-GIS programme, the role of skill certification programme to support the development of ESDI
Giulio Occhini & Marina Cabrini & Mauro Salvemini & Giuseppe Mattiozzi & Laura Berardi & Pasquale di Donato

Do we speak each others' language? A methodology for developing generic GI-competencies
Erik Meijles & Frans Rip & Marinus de Bakker & G.F. Epema

An argumentation map prototype to support decision-making in spatial planning
Carsten Keßler & Claus Rinner & Martin Raubal

A KDD based multicriteria decision making model for fire risk evaluation
Alessandra Lapucci & Silvana Lombardo & Massimilano Petri & Alessandro Santucci

Defining lines of maximum probability for the design of patrol vessel itineraries Fernando Bação & Victor Lobo

Spatial Time-Series Modeling: A review of the proposed methodologies
Yiannis Kamarianakis & Poulicos Prastacos

An experiment on geocensor mobility strategies in the planar space
Adam Sliwinsky & Ingo Simonis

Searching for the polycentric city: a spatio-temporal analysis of Dutch urban morphology
Erik Koomen & Fernando Bação

e-Dissemination of Geographic Information Science: SIGEO course
M. L. Bargellini & E. Caiaffa & G. Casadei & S. Coletti &  L. Puccia

Spatial data management - development of e-Learning modules
Antje Krüger & Thomas Brinkhoff

Projects TelDIS and MEDIA@Komm-Transfer: GIS technologies and training for use in e-Government
Bernd M. Schmitt

Modelling herbivore grazing resources using hyperspectral remote sensing and GIS
Andrew K. Skidmore & Onnie Mutanga & Karin Schmidt & Jelle Ferwerda

Combining biotechnologies and GIScience for livestock genetic resources conservation
Stéphane Joost & the Econogene Consortium

Image textural measures as indices for the development of an evaluation and classification model of landscape scenic quality, using GIS
Tsouchlaraki Androniki

Requirements for geospatial ontology engineering
Eva Klien & Florian Probst

Sematic interoperability using multiple ontologies
Leonid Stoimenov & Aleksandar Stanimirovic & Slobodanka Djordjevic-Kajan Kajan

Syntactic and semantic GDB conceptual schemas integration
Guillermo Nudelman Hess & Cirano Iochpe

From ontology design to ontology implementation: a web tool for building geographic ontologies
Eleni Tomai & Maria Spanaki

Mappings for cognitive semantic interoperability
Martin Raubal

Improving geographical datasets usability by interactive schema transformations
Sandrine Balley

Naming topological operators at GIS user interfaces
Catharina Riedeman

Uncovering the main elements of geo-web usability
Monica Wachowicz & Wies Vullings & Jandirk Bulens & Hugo de Groot & Machteld van den Broek

Analysis of geoinformation pricing using game theory
Alenka Krek

What does INSPIRE need? – Development and research requirements
Lars Bernard & Alessandro Annoni & Ioannis Kanellopoulos & Michel Millot & Javier Nogueras Iso & Joanna Nowak & Katalin Tith

Accessibility of GI for public participation, a Danish-Italian comparitive study
Mette Arleth & Michele Campagna

GIS diffusion, NSDI and the public debate in Greece
Eleftheria Karnavou & George Grizas

CatServer : a server of GATOS
Rafael Tolosana-Calasanz & David Portolés-Rodriguez & Javier Nogueras-Iso

TIM-online, a part of the eGovernment strategy by the federal state North-Rhine Westphalia
Stefan Sandmann

Towards 3D topography using a feature-based integrated TIN/TEN model
Friso Penninga

Ginis web 3D modeler - a framework for 3D terrain visualisation on web
Dejan Rančić & Dušan Dačić

Preparation and evaluation of engineering geological maps in 3-dimensional geographic information systems environment
Erman Ayday & Metin Altan & Can Ayday

Knowledge-based model generalization for truly virtual cities
Itzhak Omer & Karin Talmor & Asaf Roz

Integration of 3D petroleum datasets in commercial GIS
Alistair Ford & Philip James

A framework for handling mobile objects in location based services
Bratislav Predić & Dragan Stojanović

Query management and spatial indexing in mobile context
Salvijus Laucius & Frédéric Bertrand & Arunas Stockus & Alain Bouju

Usage of mobile databases for mobile geoscientific applications
Wolfgang Bär & Martin Breunig

Towards a declarative portrayel and interaction model for GIS and LBS
Thomas Brinkhoff

Geographic automata systems: from the paradigm to the urban modeling software
Itzhak Benenson & Vlad Kharbash

Multi agent system: three behavioural frameworks integrated into a GIS
Silvana Lombardo & Massimiliano Petri (University of Pisa, Italy)

Modelling income poverty in the geographic targetting geo-information system
Felicia Olufunmilayo Akinyemi

An adaptive package architecture for corporate GIS
Andrés Pazos & José Poveda & Michael Gould

Web generalisation services in GiMoDig - towards a standardised service for real-time generalisation
Tapani Sarjakoski & Monika Sester & Tiina Sarjakoski & Lars Harrie & Mark Hampe & Laasi Lehtho & Tommi Koivula

On quality of service and geo-service compositions
Richard Onchaga

Architecture of a natural disasters management framework and its application to risk assessment
José R. R. Viqueira & Pedro Álvarez & José Varela & Pedro J. Saco

Application of geostatistical methods for public health risk mapping
Daniela Novolone & Roberto Fresco &  Sara Maio & Sandra Baldacci & Anna Angino & Franca Martini & Marco Borbotti& Giovanni Viegi & Roberto Della Maggiore

Spatial calculation of flood damage and risk ranking
Wouter Vanneuville & Kristien De Rouck & Koen Maeghe & Maarten Deschamps & Philippe De Maeyer & Frank Mostaert


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