Proceedings 2008

The 11th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science

The European Information Society

Editors: Lars Bernard, Anders Friis-Christensen, Hardy Pundt, Irene Compte

ISBN: 978-3-540-78945-1


This page contains the short papers and poster abstracts of the AGILE 2008 conference in Girona, Spain. All submissions were peer-reviewed.

The short papers and the poster abstracts are listed separately. The short papers are located according to the AGILE 2008 conference sessions.

The copyright of the full papers is owned by Springer-Verlag, thus the full papers cannot be found here. They are published in the Springer book The European Information Society, ISBN: 978-3-540-78945-1, which is part of the Springer series Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography.


Poster Abstracts

A spatial simulation model for a wide range of harvesting scenarios in boreal forest
Osvaldo Valeria

Calibrating ASTER for Snow Cover Analysis
James Hulka

Development of a Coastal SDI using GeoFOSS
Emmanuel Stefanakis and Poulicos Prastacos

Changes of the forest spatial pattern in the northern Carpathians in the 20th century
Jacek Kozak, Christine Estreguil and Katarzyna Ostapowicz

Combined multi- and hyperspectral analysis of spatial and temporal changes of the urban environment
László Mucsi, Zalán Tobak, Boudewijn van Leeuwen, József Szatmári and Ferenc Kovács

GI S&T Body of Knowledge: basis for e-learning, certification and curriculum planning?
Frans I. Rip

Delivering Terabytes of Irish geophysical and geological data freely over the internet
Ray Scanlon and Archie Donovan

Riverine woods landscape restoration decision support system
Maurici Ruiz-Perez, Antoni Martinez-Taberner, Jeronia Ramon Molinas and Francisco Guaita Mas

Sustainable Transport Planning to Balearic Island University Campus
Maurici Ruiz-Perez, Jose Feliu De La Peña, Joana Maria Segui Pons and Celso García

Direct Integration of Photogrammetric Systems and Spatial Database Management Systems with Active Validation
Sahar Hosseininian, Hamid Ebadi and Farshid Farnood

GIS-based decision support tool for optimal spatial planning of landfill in Minsk region, Belarus
Tatsiana Hubina and Mounir Ghribi

Coupling Simulations of Landslides with Geoinformation Systems for Decision Support and Early Warning
Eva Ortlieb, Stephan Mäs, Wolfgang Reinhardt and Franz-Xaver Trauner

Reusable Simulation Models: An MDE-approach to Spatio-temporal Modeling with Cellular Automata
Falko Theisselmann and Doris Dransch

Standardised Geospatial Information Services on Mobile Devices
Frank Rudert, Jan Grohmann and Hardy Pundt



Semantic Annotation of GPS Trajectories
Baris Guc, Michael May, Yucel Saygin and Christine Körner

Quality of Geographic Information Patchworks
Patrick Maué and Sven Schade

A Software Framework for GIS-based Multiple Criteria Evaluation of Land Suitability
Rico Vogel

Reconstruction of Building Ground Plans from Laser Scanner Data
Monika Sester and Hauke Neidhart

Medical Diagnoses with a Cartographic Oriented Model
Elizabeth Simão Carvalho, Adérito Fernandes Marcos, Maribel Yasmina Santos, João Espregueira-Mendes and Rogério Barbosa Pereira

A Wayfinding Model for Pedestrian Navigation
Christian Gaisbauer and Andrew U. Frank

A tool for construction of stochastic spatio-temporal models assimilated with observational data
Derek Karssenberg, Oliver Schmitz, Luis Manuel de Vries and Kor de Jong

Versatile Route Descriptions for Pedestrian Guidance in Buildings - Conceptual Model and Systematic Method
Edgar-Philipp Stoffel and Hans Jürgen Ohlbach

Topological Qualities of Urban Streets and the Image of the City: A Multiple Perspective
Itzhak Omer and Bin Jiang

Spatial data dining for retail sales forecasting
Maike Krause-Traudes, Simon Scheider, Stefan Rüping and Harald Messner

GDMS: An abstraction layer to enhance Spatial Data Infrastructures usability
Erwan Bocher, Thomas Leduc, Guillaume Moreau and Fernando González Cortés

Geoportals Evaluation. Italian Regions: A Case Study
Valeria Mercadante and Mauro Salvemini

Modeling Urban Growth using Fuzzy Cellular Automata
Lefteris Mantelas, Poulicos Prastacos and Thomas Hatzichristos

Estimating Land cover by Accounting for Urban Activities and Local Features
Toshihiro Osaragi and Takayuki Mori

The Influence of Accessibility to Inter-Regional Commuting Flows in Slovenia
Samo Drobne, Marija Bogataj and Anka Lisec

A GIS-based User Interface for the Multiobjective Optimization of Areal Resource Allocation
Alexander Herzig

Network and accessibility methods to estimate the human use of ecosystems
David Theobald

GIS Analysis of Rural Land Market in Slovenia
Samo Drobne, Anka Lisec and Marija Bogataj

Classification of landslide hazard in the development of early warning systems
Dominik Gallus, Andreas Abecker and Daniela Richter

Design Requirements for an AJAX and Web-Service Based Generic Internet GIS Client
Edward Nash, Peter Korduan, Simon Abele and Gobe Hobona

Acquiring service oriented descriptions of GI processing software from experts
Bénédicte Bucher

Geoprocessing Services for Spatial Decision Support in the Domain of Housing Market Analyses - Experiences from Applying the OGC Web Processing Service Interface in Practice
Beate Stollberg and Alexander Zipf

Exploration of Massive Movement Data: a Visual Analytics Approach
Gennady Andrienko and Natalia Andrienko

A Pipeline Processing Approach To GIS
Michael Koutroumpas and Chris Higgins

COTS or FOSS for education in GIS ?
Ahmed Abu el Nasr and Jos Van Orshoven

First Experiences with an Ontology-Based Search for Environmental Data Reconstruction of Building Ground Plans from Laser Scanner Data
Rolf Grütter, Bettina Bauer-Messmer and Marcel Frehner

Providing Mobile Sensor Data in a Standardized Way - The SOSmobile Web Service Interface
Christoph Stasch, Arne Bröring and Alexander Christoph Walkowski

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